March 29, 2009

Top 2010s – Kaneisha Horn

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(This is the third in a seires of player profiles done by Winston Kelly in the Class of 2010 that will appear during the spring and before summer competition) — Mike Flynn

GameBall Magazine/Blue Star Player Profile on Kaneisha Horn


Kaneisha Horn Gets to the Hoop

Players Name: Kaneisha Horn


Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama


Class Year: 2010


Height: 6’1


Position: Wing


School Honors: Coach’s award, MVP, MVP Class 5A Girls Regional Basketball


Personal Honors: N/A


Goals: N/A


Why did you start playing basketball: N/A


What are your academic strengths: N/A


What are your athletic strengths: Rebounding


Your school GPA: 3.4


What are your favorite hobbies: Listening to music, Shopping with my mom


Favorite Food: T-bone steak


Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball


Favorite kind of music: R & B/Hip Hop


Favorite TV show: House of Payne


Favorite non-sport figure:  Beyonce


Favorite sports figure: LeBron James


Who is your role model, and why: My mother Connie, because she is the hardest working forty year old lady on earth and I LOVE her to death


Who would you like to meet, why, and what would you ask them: I would like to meet President Obama, I would ask him how, does he balance being the President of the United States and a father


Best academic memory: N/A


Best sports memory: Winning the State Championship as a freshman 2007


Colleges recruiting choices: Undecided


What would you like people to know about you: I would like people to know that I am very laid back and very silly


The Dynamic Roadrunner Kaneisha Horn


GameBall Magazine shines the spot light on the dynamic Kaneisha Horn, arguably the nation’s top junior.


Kaneisha, you had a tremendous spring, summer and fall of 2008, has the injury that you’ve suffered made you stronger? Yes it has made me stronger mentally, the physical part of my game isn’t an issue, and it was more of the mental part. I think if I get a lot stronger mentally, it will be make a big difference in my game.


Kaneisha, being considered arguably the nations top junior in the country, has the road to recovery been difficult for you not being on the court? It hasn’t been hard at all because, I know I can come back stronger than ever, so sitting out hasn’t really affected me as much as I thought it would. It has actually made me want it more.


Kaneisha, you suffered your ACL tear in late December, your surgery was successful. How is your recovery progressing? I’m recovery well. I have therapy 3 times a week, I’m also working on my own at home, my dad bought me some equipment, with that being said I will definitely bounce back for next season.


Kaneisha, what, if anything would you like to share with other female athletes about your injury and or recovery process, that might be beneficial to others? I would like to tell him/her to listen to everything their doctor tells them and keep GOD first.


Kaneisha, Is there a chance, even a slim chance that you might consider competing in July during the travel season, if your recovery continues positively? I’m just taking therapy day by day.


Kaneisha, who, if anyone has you patterned your game after? I haven’t patterned my game after anyone. I just try to play my game. I have been successful doing me, so I will continue doing so.


Kaneisha, who has been the most instrumental in your development as arguably the nation’s top 2010 junior? My coach Robert Mosley was the biggest part in me becoming the top junior in my class. If I had gone somewhere else other than Ramsey High School,  I wouldn’t be this far, he really took my game to another level and I’m glad I made the right choice and most of all my parents because with out them I would not be here. I LOVE them both to death.



Kaneisha, you compete with such a high level of aggressiveness and physicality, where did you develop that style? I would have to say I developed my aggressiveness from my dad (Ben) and brother (Terence). When I was younger we would go out and play in the backyard, it helped me because now when I play girls it’s a lot easier for me.


Kaneisha, what have been some of the biggest adjustments you’ve had to make, if any due to your injury and recovery process? Not being able to play, having to sit and watch is very difficult because, I love being out there on the court.


Comments from the parents (Connie and Ben Horn)


How has Kaneisha handled her national notoriety? Kaneisha is a very reserved young lady, so the national notoriety being a huge honor has simply added to her grace and poise. She is as always, very humble and grateful for the great gift that GOD  has bestowed upon her.


As a family unit, what keeps Kaneisha grounded? As a family we talk a lot about the good and the bad in life, so I think that has really helped her and we support each other in whatever we are doing.


When you look back, when would you say you realized Kaneisha was becoming a special athlete? The first time I saw Kaneisha on the court and she showed her true passion for the game. She was focused, determined, and dedicated to her team. She had a drive that I hadn’t realized before, a drive to be victorious and  it wasn’t just on the court, and it was an all around motivation to succeed.


What lasting impression would you like everyone to come away with from this  spot light profile on Kaneisha? I’d like people to know that Kaneisha’s a strong, motivated, determined, and graceful young female athlete, who strives for excellence in all the she does, be it  on the court and off.


Comments from Ramsey High School, Head Coach Robert Mosley


Coach Mosley, was it clear from the out set how talented Kaneisha would become in such a short time? It was quite evident that kaneisha was blessed with outstanding athletic ability. The way she rebounded, handled, and her ability to finish with either hand was unbelievable for a freshmen. I remember during preseason workouts having several major D1 programs coming to watch her agility drills and left weights. I was accustomed to having schools come to preseason conditioning, but never to see a kid who had yet to play  her first high school game.


Coach Mosley, with Kaneisha’s presence missing on the court this season, has her presence rubbed off on her team mates off the court? I would love to say that it did, but it didn’t. When Kaneisha was a freshman, she came into a situation in which we had 7 seniors, two of whom were highly recruited. They were a huge asset to kaneisha during her maturation process. She would listen and embrace the advised they provided for her. I say that to say that I believe that a person has to be receptive to advise  and be willing to adhere to it. Kaneisha’s teammates this year were not as  receptive.


Coach Mosley, how rewarding has it been for you, to watch Kaneisha develop into the athlete and person she has become? It’s been extremely rewarding. When Kaneisha arrived at Ramsey High School, she was a post player…period!!! I have watched her develop her perimeter skills and become a very effective player. Kaneisha has committed herself to working hard in the summers by coming to the gym and working on the areas of her game that  she needed to improve in. She has allowed herself to be coached and accepted all demands placed on her. I think all of that speaks volumes about the type of person she is and the family she comes from. The Horn family, their, humble and hard working.


Coach Mosley, Kaneisha returns for her senior season in the fall to cap off her brilliant career at Ramsey High School, what do you anticipate that experience will be like next season? Emotional and intense are the two words that come to mind. Emotional, because I know that this year will be a year of last. Her last summer working out, her last season at Ramsey, the last time I get to see #40 run out the locker room and also senior night when she plays her last home game. Intense, because Kaneisha has personal goals she wants to accomplish before she leaves. She has one state championship, but her goal is to have multiple championships. She missed the majority of her junior year due to an ACL injury, so I know she is focused on going out the way she came in, a champion!  I challenge you to find a more manner able, humble and down to earth kid than Kaneisha Horn.

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