January 27, 2010

NCAA Rule on Hold

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It’s a new year and with that came the bally-hoo over the possible NCAA rule that has been dubbed the “Tom Insell” rule where no more than three players from a bordering state can play on a travel team in that state. Well, the last time I looked our flag wasn’t totally red containing a star or hammer on it. It boggles my mind how college coaches would demand parents adhere to this rule limiting the choice of their child’s opportunity to play basketball but want to recruit players far beyond the same bordering state rule. Also, this rule did not get passed and into effect right now as predicted by even some of my close friends. Right now the RULE doesn’t NOT COUNT. Players can play like they have in the past. The WBCA supported the rule as some of their coaches “complained” about a team having too many players. Well, they don’t complain about Geno or Pat getting all the talent and have to change the rules to prevent that do they? The comment was that this was a “preventive” move. Preventing what? The money of the men’s game is not here and never will be. Second, the rule was pushed because the few powerful coaches don’t want to speak, talk or have to be nice to anyone they feel has players in which they do not have a good relationship. The want the easy, kiss-my-a.. relationship to be in play with a higher authority to compain to if they don’t get their way. This is the kind of atmosphere the women are creating to mirror exactly where the men’s game is. College coaches do not want what’s best for the game or best for the kids. Opportunity should be theirs and their along to make as much money as humanly possible regardless of the chances and dreams they steal from kids with these kinds of rule. I will skp my soap box tirade about the lack of voice of the mids in fighting the few, monied millionaires big time coaches who want this rule. Don’t get made I wrote this, just do what’s right for the game.

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