December 26, 2011

Tournament of Champions Chandler AZ 2011

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Nike Tournament of Champions Chandler AZ. 2011

Here are some players from different classes that played well in Phoenix. There are many more players who could be mentioned here, this is my snapshot. This is the nation’s best high school tournament. This year was no different. The top two divisions were loaded with D-1 athletes.
Breanna Stewart 6’3 -NY-best player in the country, if you don’t think she is, get out of the business, a future Olympian.
Jonquel Jones 6’1 MD-marked improvement each time I see her, added 3 ball range
Nirra Fields CA 5’11 explosive offensive player
Alexis Jones-5’10TX-fast. Strong,-great vision. Outstanding scorer
Shilpa Tummala-‘5’9 AZ knows how to win, good enough to make it happen

Taylor Manuel-6’2 MO power forwards body, pg skills
Imani Stafford-6’7 CA-huge upside, still learning, length changes game
Faith Randolph-5’10 MD very fit, very smart, can score against the best
Courtney Walton-6’2 AZ –strong, with a decent mid range game
Alexis Prince6’2 -FL-smooth, skilled wing
Lindsey Allen-5’8 –MD- was at her best when team needed her, slick pg,runs a team well.
Kelsey Plum-5’9 CA-gunslinger mentality, crafty lefty
Courtney Range-6’2 CA-very athletic with good footwork
Kaela Davis-6’2 GA-does it all well, she needs to take over games at this level
Shantel Osahor-6’1-AZ-plays like she’s in a 40 and over men’s league, outstanding passer, really understands the game, will draw your post player out with her 3 point range.

Jordan Canada-5’6 CA- shifty pg, dishes well, great handle
Courtney Eckmark-5’11 AZ 26 pts in a TOC championship game- enough said.
LaJahna Drummer-6’2 CA- need someone to attack the glass, this kid will do
Kristen Simon-6’1 CA-thick, strong, gave everyone fits, a tough matchup
Rhamat Alhasson-6’5 MD- has really come on this hs season, very agile, still learning, only player I saw last year to give Stewart a hard time.
Auteonna Gilmore-5’6 MD you like on ball defense, you will love her
Taryn Griffey 5’5 FL- runs team well, shoots well, good athete.
Imani Littleton-CA-6’3 , runs like a guard, defends and rebounds well
Hannah Johnson- 6’1 CA- very efficient, passes well, strong frame.
Sierra Calhoun 6’0 NY-tremendous skills, good athlete, when she applies to game situations consistently, watch out.

De’Janae Boykin-6’1 MD- skilled, fast, wing player, just transferred to Riverdale Baptist, still getting her feet wet. But will be a top level player sooner than later.
Katie Lou Samuelson-6’3 CA- tremendous shooter with great size, good athlete, who will be able to play at the highest level in college, everyone knows she’s a shooter, and still gets open.

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