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For over 25 years Blue Star has been one of the most influential organizations in selecting and advising such publications rankings and listings as found in The Sporting News, USA Today, Gatorade Circle of Champions, and McDonalds All American Team just to name a few. These rankings and evaluations are part of our national Blue Star Report available to media & colleges across the country.

Congrats to Cara Pearson for joining UIC staff.

Cara Pearson just accepted an assistant coaching position at University of Illinois - Chicago with head...


Congrats to Kelley Watts as she takes over the helm at St. Joseph’s College in Long Island.

Congrats to Kelley Watts for being named the new Head Coach at St. Joseph’s College in...


Congrats to Michael Kotrozos he joins the staff at Wagner College

Mike Kotrozos just accepted an assistant coaching position at Wagner College with head coach Lisa Cermignano....


Congrats to Pam Oswald as she takes over the Keiser at Northwood University program in Florida!

Pam Oswald just accepted the head coaching position at Keiser at Northwood University in West Palm...


Congrats to Christian Stefanopoulos as she joins the staff at Seton Hall University

Christian Stefanopoulos just accepted an assistant coaching position at Seton Hall Unviersity with head coach Anthony...


Congrats to Autumn Rademacher as she joins the staff at Arkansas State University

Autumn Rademacher just accepted an assistant coaching position at Arkansas State University with head coach Brian...


College Coaches: Blue Star Report - June 1 - Sign Up Begins

College Coaches Subscribing to the Blue Star Report - if your invoice is PROCESSED before...


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Registered Players

PlayerPositionStateTravel Team
Arriel AndersonPGILIL-Lady dribbler
Haley ArchibequePG/GOHOH-Toledo Elite
Sarah BaerFOH-
Kaylee BarnardPG/GFLFL-BlueStar Florida Royal
Sarah BondyPG/GCANCAN-Windsor Valiants
Jasmine BonivelG/FOHOH-Toledo Elite/Tigers
Jacquelyn BrownG/FFLFL-BlueStar Florida Royal
Ellen BrunnerFIL-None at this time
Riley BurkeGFLFL-BlueStar Florida
Megan BurnsGOHOH-Toledo Elite
Paige CashinCOHOH-Sports City U
ALI CLARKFMNMN-St. Cloud Comets Elite
Maddie ColeCOHOH-Toledo Elite
Felicia ColemanPG/GFLFL-Blue Star Florida 2013
Alexandria CoynePGFLFL-Bluestar Elite 2013
SHANNON CRANSHAWGFLFL-Blue Star Florida-Elite Royal
Kayla DawsonGWIWI-Green Bay Purple Aces
Jennifer DeGraafG/FOHOH-Sports City U
Sara DennyPG/GFLFL-Blue Star Florida U15
Lindsay ElliottPG/GONON-St Clair Regional U19 JUEL
Peyton FallisGININ-Spiece Indy Gym Rats
Bailey FlorinPG/GFLFL-Blue Star Florida Elite 2013
Tierra FloydGOHOH-Sports City U
Mieana GainesCMIMI-Michigan Storm
Kiela GarnerGILIL-IL. Lady Wolverines
Alexis GassionPGOHOH-Sports City U
Miranda GibbsG/FOHOH-Toledo Elite
Kensie GreenPG/GOHOH-Toledo Elite
fredinna guillaumeG/FFLFL-Blue-star Florida
Abby GuintherG/FOHOH-Buckeye Elite
Marisa HowardCOHOH-Sports City U
Taylor HyattPGOH-
Courtney JacksonGOHOH-Buckeye Elite
Jasmine JacksonFILIL-lady dribblers
Kendall JessingFOHOH-Toledo Elite
Faith JohnsonGOHOH-Toledo Elite Tigers
Jasmine JunkinsCOH-
Celina KingGOHOH-Sports City U
Ashley KlassPG/GININ-The Nike Family
Lindsay KondrackiCONON-JUEL Windsor Valiants
Eryn LeekPGININ-MBA Select
Sarah MartinezPG/GFLFL-Blue Star Florida U16
KeShyra McCarverGOHOH-Toledo Elite Tigers
Kendall McCoyG/FOHOH-Toledo Elite
tyisha mooreCFLFL-bluestar florida
Ashley MorrisetteGOHOH-Sports City U
Michelle MurnenG/FOHOH-Toledo Elite Tigers
Shiloh MurphyFOH-
Alexis PetersonGOHOH-Sports City U
Brooklyn PetersonGOHOH-Capital City Stars
Grayson PinholsterFFLFL-Blue Star Florida Elite
Sydney PowhidaPGOHOH-Toledo Elite
Bianca QuisenberryGOHOH-Sports City U
Alyssa RiceFOHOH-Sports City U
Mackenzie RiggsPG/GOHOH-Toledo Elite
Katie SimonG/FOHOH-Ohio Lady Attack
Rebecca SkurskiGILIL-Rockford Heat
JaVonna SmithG/FILIL-Lady Dribblers
Taylor StanfieldCOHOH-Toledo Elite Tigers
Kathryn ThompsonPG/GFLFL-Blue Star Florida 2014
Martha ThompsonGOHOH-Sports City U
Brooke Thompson-SmithPG/GOHOH-Team Supreme
Makayla WatermanFOHOH-Sports City U
Katherine WestbeldG/FOHOH-Sports City U
Emily WilliamsFOHOH-Buckeye Elite

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